Friday, July 11, 2014

2014 Freedom Fest Event Report

Bob Touchton Leading Someone to Jesus

Heard From New Christians

When people accept Jesus they have an experience like they have never had.  Here are some things that were heard at Freedom Fest...
"I feel tingly all over."

"I almost fainted when I felt the Holy Spirit."

"Thank you thank you thank you for leading my daughters to Christ."

"I need to tell the rest of my family."

3 New Christians on Right - With Melinda Saaman


The Christian event Freedom Fest is held in Washington DC over the week of July 4 and is sponsored by Santos Ministries. Churches and ministries come from all over the US to give Gospel CD's in dozens of languages, give Bibles, paint faces in the name of Jesus, and to make sure visitors to the DC mall in front of the Capital hear live Christian music all day on the 4th. Pocket Full of Change Ministries and Inside Out Ministries join forces to evangelize at this event each year. We set up our tent, gave out free Liberty Bracelets - which give the Gospel via colored beads, and lead people to Jesus. The event is always exciting but we all agreed that we have never seen anything like what happened this year. We felt like it was Pentecost. The wind was blowing so hard that we had to take turns holding down the tent to keep it from blowing away. People crowded around the tent to hear the Gospel. There were so many people that none of us wanted to take breaks. We prayed before and during the event. The Holy Spirit went before us, prepared hearts, and sent people willing to meet Jesus. We used the words directly from the scripture to give the Gospel and over 350 people met Jesus. We know there were many more but we were leading so many people to Christ that at 350, we simply lost countThank you for your support of this amazing event. 

2014 Pocket Full of Quarters Journey

Cheryle is leaving July 21 and plans to be on the road evangelizing for 3-4 months - if the funding holds out. She wanders and stops where the Holy Spirit leads. She goes where invited. This year, she also plans to deliberately visit and evangelize at summer festivals. Yes, she is taking Shiloh. Shiloh has had a year since last year's fiasco of traveling with an impish puppy so we have much better expectations. As always, Cheryle will blog and put pictures and videos out. You can follow the journey. Be sure to check the map to see where she is, She will also post the same materials in other blogs, on Facebook, and on Twitter but the easiest way to see everything is at the Pocket Full of Quarters website. She'll include a weekly update in the Monday Ministry Moment. Support the Journey through prayer, invitations to Cheryle, suggestions for events along her route to attend, and donations at Donate. We send out special prayer requests to the prayer team. Click Prayer Team and fill out the info if you want to be included on that.

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